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We believe in the benefits of genuine customer care, quality above all else and the kind of accountability that makes reliability a given

Professionalism and genuine customer service are at the top of our list of priorities.

We’ve built a broad client base and a formidable reputation as a team that efficiently and expertly sources and supplies quality stone products, while providing benchmark customer care.

Authenticity and trust, both hard-won qualities, are critical to building successful businesses and strong, lasting relationships.

Our trusted relationships (and relations) throughout the supply chain are good for us and wonderfully reassuring for architects, specifiers, developers and building and landscaping trades that rely on us to deliver.

Capability and confidence. Because we take tremendous pride in the efficiency of our supply chain and the client satisfaction

that has become synonymous with the name Prolific Stone, we strive to build confidence in those that rely on our good name to get the job done.

Enthusiasm for client success through industry-leading best practice is something very close to our collective hearts.

That enthusiasm fuels our professionalism, drive and desire to make a difference in this industry for our clients. And these are the pillars of the Prolific Stone offer to our clients, contacts and key stakeholders.

Our team of experts are committed to the values that drives us to serve our clients better, offering confidence, quality assurance and timeline integrity.