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Flowpoint, Pre-project checklist to make sure your project goes smoothly


1. Make sure joints are free from debris and all ponded water removed. Paving surface and joints must be pre-soaked and kept wet until the jointing process has been completed.


2. 1 x 25kg bag requires 4.25 litres of water. Use measuring jug as guide. Mix in 20lt bucket for 3-5 minutes until smooth & lump free.

3. Apply to surface without delay, spread and push into joints using a rubber squeegee.

DO NOT store grout in bucket!

Repeatedly top up joints where grout may have slumped. Use squeegee to remove as much grout off surface as possible.

4. SURFACE MUST BE KEPT MOIST AT ALL TIMES using soft mist spray.

5. When grout has hardened sufficiently the paving surface must be cleaned using a hose and broom.

Use high pressure with caution as this will blow grout from joints. Cleaning must be carried out thoroughly and no grout must be allowed to remain on surface of paving.


  • Joints MUST be free from ponding water!
  • MUST USE MEASURING JUG – 4.25 Litres Water Per Bag.
  • Mix only enough material to apply in 4 minutes. DO NOT MIX MORE THAN CAN BE WASHED OFF IN TIME FROM GROUT SETTING. TRY ONE BAG FIRST.
  • Wash all tools frequently.
  • KEEP SURFACE MOIST AT ALL TIMES! Fine Mist Spray Only.  
  • NEVER remix or add extra water!
  • Wear protective clothing. Avoid skin and eye contact.
  • Cool temperatures retard, warm temperatures accelerate.

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